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Electronic Systems Maintenance Handbook Second Edition 2001


About the Book: The days of troubleshooting a piece of gear armed only with a scope, voltmeter, and a general idea of how the hardware works are gone forever. As technology continues to drive equipment design forward, maintenance difficulties will continue to increase, and those responsible for maintaining this equipment will continue to struggle to keep up.

The Electronic Systems Maintenance Handbook, Second Edition establishes a foundation for servicing, operating, and optimizing audio, video, computer, and RF systems. Beginning with an overview of reliability principles and properties, a team of top experts describes the steps essential to ensuring high reliability and minimum downtime. They examine heat management issues, grounding systems, and all aspects of system test and measurement. They even explore disaster planning and provide guidelines for keeping a facility running under extreme circumstances.

Today more than ever, the reliability of a system can have a direct and immediate impact on the profitability of an operation. Advocating a carefully planned, systematic maintenance program, the richly illustrated Electronic Systems Maintenance Handbook helps engineers and technicians meet the challenges inherent in modern electronic equipment and ensure top quality performance from each piece of hardware.

File: Electronic.Systems.Maintenance.Handbook.Second.Edition.2001
Size: 50.25 MB
Authors: Jerry C. Whitaker
Year: 2001
Links: CRC Press


Advanced Wirebond Interconnection Technology


About the Book: Advanced Wire Bond Interconnection Technology addresses wire bonding from both manufacturing and reliability perspectives. It analyzes and explores the various factors that one needs to consider: design, materials, processing, equipment, quality testing and reliability engineering, and last but not the least, operator training. This book is intended to be a comprehensive source of information and knowledge that enables both a newcomer to the field and a veteran who needs instant information to make a decision on a process problem. The book explains not only how to do things such as: designing a bond pad or a lead finger, how to select a right bond wire, how to design a capillary and how to optimize a bonding process on the factory floor; but the book also explains why to do it that way.

File: Advanced.Wirebond.Interconnection.Technology
Size: 62.89 MB
Authors: Shankara K. Prasad
Year: 2004


Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices-2nd Edition-2012

Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices-2nd Edition-2012 poster

Summary: Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices, Second Edition has become a standard reference for anyone preparing for maintenance and reliability professional exams. In the time since original publication, this book has become a must-have guide and reference. It helps everyone ensure that their organization’s assets are operating as and when needed and at reasonable cost.

File: Maintenance.and.Reliability.Best.Practices-2nd.Edition-2012
Size: 6 MB
Format: PDF
Links: Homepage

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Integrated Maintenance Planning in Manufacturing Systems-2014

Integrated Maintenance Planning in Manufacturing Systems-2014 poster

Summary: This book introduces the concept of integrated planning for maintenance and production taken into account quality and safety for high global socio-economic impact. It provides insight into the planning process at a global level starting from the business level and ending with the operational level where the plan is implemented and controlled.

File: Integrated.Maintenance.Planning.in.Manufacturing.Systems-2014
Size: 2 MB
Format: pdf
Links: Homepage

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GRID – AugustSeptember 2015

GRID – August/September 2015
English | PDF | 123 pages | 27 MB

More than a travel magazine, GRID is a love letter to the Philippines. Put together by the Philippines’ best photographers, writers, and other artists, GRID is an invitation for you to see this complex, fascinating, and incredibly beautiful country in a unique way.

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