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Paranormal State S06E03 AAC MP4-Mobile


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Paranormal State S06E03 AAC MP4-Mobile

00:21:48 l 97.95 MiB l 640×358 l aac, 44100 Hz, stereo (eng)

Plot:Ryan Buell is just an ordinary college kid. He attends classes at Penn State University, deals with schedules, school work, parties, girls, and so forth. However, he is also a member of one of the first university sanctioned paranormal research groups in the country, The Paranormal Research Society (PRS). Each week, outside parties ranging from The Catholic Church to ordinary families, contact the PRS to request help in dealing with a terrifying real life mystery often involving poltergeists, hauntings and the darkest areas of the unknown. Broadcast History: December 10, 2007 – May 18, 2009: Monday 10:00 pm ET (A E) December 15, 2009 – February 9, 2010: Tuesday 10:00 pm ET (A E) October 17, 2010 – November 28, 2010: Sunday 9:00 pm ET (A E) April 11, 2011 – May 2, 2011: Monday 10:00 pm ET (A E).


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